2019 Supra SL Walkthrough & Review

2019 Supra SL Walkthrough & Review

The 2019 Supra SL is new, improved and one of the best all around wake boats in the industry thanks to its modified V bow that gives you some additional width for bow seating without the look of a wide bow boat. The new SL can also fit you and 17 of your closest friends without feeling underpowered or affecting the quality of the wake. Check out more of the review to see why we’ve dubbed the 2019 Supra SL “The Wake Monster.”

“One of The Best Surf Boats Period”

With 3,500 lbs of subfloor ballast, the SL doesn’t sacrifice storage for a better wake. Instead, Supra opted to have the entire ballast system under foot so you have room for wakeboards, wakesurfers, life vests, and all your other gear! With numbers like that, it’s easy to see why everyone that gets behind the SL is blown away. Add this improved ballast system to the Swell 3.0 Surf System and you’ll see how “The Wake Monster” got its name.

Swell 3.0 & Center Wakeplate

The new Swell 3.0 surf system allows you the unique ability to switch the side of your surf wake in under 1.5 seconds while being completely evenly weighted. This makes all those fun, new transfer tricks much easier. No more battling the wake or touching the rope to transfer! The center wakeplate is also a Supra staple and allows you to adjust the rough water ride of your boat or fine-tune your wake until it’s exactly the way you want it.

Roushcharged 6.2L Raptor by Indmar

The last thing you want when you load down your new "Wake Monster" is to feel underpowered.

Every Supra that comes in the door at Marine Products is optioned with a 6.2L Roushcharged Raptor 575 by Indmar. By the numbers, this beast puts 580 ft/lbs of torque to the water every time you push on the throttle. Now you may be thinking: “sounds like a gas guzzler.” Not necessarily. Having torque numbers like the 6.2L allows you to use less throttle for your desired wake, speed, and activity. This motor coupled with an 83 gallon fuel cell allow you to spend all day on the water without a second thought of heading to the marina.

Surf Pipe Exhaust

When you purchase a new Supra, you will have the option to add the surf pipe exhaust system. This exhaust pipe allows your exhaust fumes to enter through the water rather than hang in the air and into your rider’s face and lungs. This small option can also make your motor quieter so you can focus on what’s going on in the boat rather than hearing the droning of your motor.

Fender Pros

Tired of fiddling with your boat fenders as you approach the dock? Hate the look of tangled boat fenders laying around? Supra has come up with the solution for you! The 2019 Supra SL comes with “Fender Pros” which are small hooks that allow you to pre-rig your boat fenders. These clips plug easily in and out of the hull of your SL to make docking and mooring a breeze. There are four fender pros on the side of the boat and two in the rear. The two Fender Pros in the rear make great GoPro mounts and can give you some angles the other cameras integrated into your transom and tower can’t.

The Interior


The 2019 Supra SL can fit up to 18 passengers and has all kinds of fantastic, functional features for both storage and general usage. The SL comes standard with rear, convertible seats that are perfect for watching the kids swim around the boat or just relaxing in the back. These seats are built with high-quality hinges and easily fold from a seat back to flat with ease.

The passenger side seating also has a small flip up backrest so your passengers can get comfortable and watch the action on the wake.

Walk-Through Transom

All 2019 Supras are now available with the walk-through transom. This feature creates steps both in and out of the boat so you can easily go from the ski platform to the interior of the boat without losing your balance or stepping on your seats. This walk through can be exposed by quickly removing a center seat pad from the rear of the boat. It can be removed by opening the hinged storage on either side of the engine compartment and pulling it up.

With the new walkthrough, Supra didn’t remove the ski pylon! Instead, the pylon can now be pulled up out of the transom and, with a twist, will lock into place. Attaching ski and tube ropes has never been easier!

The Rear Flip Seat & Table

Remember that last step off of the walk through transom? It’s one of the most versatile interior options in the entire 2019 Supra lineup. Simply pull the step towards the bow of the boat and it will flip over to reveal a table. This flat surface is the perfect place to prepare lunch, store drinks, and even keep the kids entertained.

Don’t need the table? Pull the table towards the bow to reveal a rear-facing stadium seat perfect for watching your wakeboarders, wakesurfers, and waterskiers during their runs.


The 2019 SL wouldn’t be dubbed one of the, “best surf boats period” without room to store your boards, life vests, ropes, and other gear. Between the trunk, the hinge seats, and the integrated floor locker, the SL is sure to have room for all your gear to be stored out of the way so you have more room for friends and family!

The Trunk

By popular demand, the trunk has become a standard feature on all 2019 Supra models. This trunk space makes fantastic storage for wet gear including boards and vests so you can keep the interior of your boat as dry, and as organized, as possible. When closed, the trunk converts to a seat so you have a place to sit while you strap into your wakeboard or waterski.

Hinging Seats

The 2019 SL offers some amazing storage space in the interior of the boat. The seats on either side hinge up revealing a knee-deep storage area on each side of the boat. And remember, you also have the hinging compartments on either side of the motor as well! All ballast in the SL has been moved to sub-floor so you can say goodbye to fatsacs and other ballast bags for good! You also, as always, have the trash can/storage area directly behind the driver so you can keep your boat neat and organized all season long.

Cupholders & Phone Storage

The Supra SL has cupholders and phone holders on both the starboard and port side. These cupholders have been enlarged to allow you to carry even the largest Yeti tumblers or coffee cups easily. You will also have specific phone holders so you won’t have to search every cupholder to locate your device.

Integrated Floor Storage Locker

The SL also includes a floor storage locker located between the driver and front passenger seats. This is a great place to store your AO Soft Cooler or any other gear you may need quick access to.

PTM Edge Board Racks

Supra has been partnering with PTM edge to bring the best racks in the industry to their boats for year. In 2019, PTM listened to their customers and made their 2019 rack system wider to accomodate even the largest wakesurf boards. The pivoting options you’ve always loved, new and improved for 2019!


JL Audio Standard

JL Audio has partnered with Supra to bring their crisp, clean sound to all Supra models. For 2019, these speakers have all been built into their very own speaker box so you get a fantastic, full sound from your stereo. JL kitted out the Supra with 4 tower speakers, 2 bow speakers, 2 stern speakers, and a single subwoofer under the driver’s seat.

Power Heated Driver’s Seat

When you purchase a new Supra, it is one of the few wakeboats in the industry with a power seat. This seat can be adjusted via the new Vision Touch Dash system and can be moved and adjusted just like a power seat in your vehicle. Oh, and did we mention it was heated? No more cold runs out to your favorite surf spot! Just hit the seat warmer and feel the chill fade.

The Newly Redesigned Dash & Cockpit

Dual Screen Display

Our vote for the biggest improvement of 2019? The dash! The days of analog dials are officially over for Supra. In 2019, Supra opted for a dual screen display.

The horizontal (main) screen is 14” wide and puts everything you need to captain your vessel right at the tips of your fingers. This new display, with the touch of a button, allows you to cycle through your mapping, music, video, and AutoWake settings as well as keep track of all your major display items like RPM, water temp, battery life, fuel level, smart plate settings and more!

The secondary (vertical) screen reminds us of a multi function, paged, tablet. The displays are seamlessly navigable with settings for your audio equipment, lighting, AutoWake, and even seating adjustments including heat!

GoPro Integration

Hate missing out on the ride while you’re driving? The 2019 Supra SE comes standard with full GoPro integration with 2 seperate cameras, one at the transom, and one on the tower, so you won’t miss a moment of the action even when you need to look out for what’s ahead. The tower camera has also been relocated slightly to avoid conflict with Supra’s full coverage bimini.  

Throttle Support

No more captain’s arm! This year’s 2019 SE has a much larger armrest so you will feel supported all day long from the dock to full throttle runs to and from your favorite surfing spot.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a wake boat that can handle anything you can throw at it from wakesurfing, to wakeboarding, and everything in between, look no further than the 2019 Supra SL. From the interior functionality to the power and performance you need for a great day on the lake, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more versatile boat anywhere. The 2019 SL is “one of the best surf boats period” and has earned its title around the shop of “The Wake Monster.”

Ready to pull the trigger on a new 2019 SL? Schedule a boat show appointment with one of our Supra experts to go over the nitty, gritty details of this fantastic boat! 

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