2019 Supra SE Walkthrough and Review

2019 Supra SE Walkthrough and Review

The 2019 Supra SE is all new from the ground up! Taking what Supra learned from the SA, they have implemented the aggressive styling and redesigned hull creating a boat that not only looks incredible, but has the performance to back it up. This hull was designed to not only improve your wakeboarding and wakesurfing wakes, but also to reduce the chance of taking one of those dreaded bow shots with it’s new bow height.

The interior has also been completely reworked with improved storage options, ChillTech Vinyl, contrast stitching, integrated GoPro technology, and more to truly allow you to customize your Supra from the ground up.

New and Improved Interior

The Convertible Rear Flip Seat

The rear flip seat has been a staple the past few years in Supras and it’s back by popular demand! You can use the convertible rear seat as either:

  • A step down from the walk through transom to the interior of the boat
  • A table with 5 cupholders
  • A rear-facing spectator seat

When you’re done, just fold it back into its step position so it is out of the way!

The All New Walk-Over Transom

A boat with a flat back can be difficult to climb in and out of at times. The new SE wanted to change that. The 2019 SE now comes standard with a “walk-over” transom allowing for easy access from the swim deck to the interior of the boat. No more standing on the rear pad and trying to keep your balance!

Supra didn’t want to lose the ability to have a ski pylon with the new walk-over transom so, they made it collapsible. Give it a twist and it will pop up or give it another twist and it will disappear flush to the transom walk-over so you won’t trip over it getting in and out of the boat.

Chill Tech Vinyl

In the past, you had to choose between comfort and style when it came to your boat’s interior. Remember the days when having dark colored seats was a death sentence for your thighs in the summer? In the past, you would want a light colored vinyl that will disperse heat more effectively in the summer without turning into a skillet. The only drawback to light colored seats? They show dirt and grime much more easily.

In 2019, with the introduction of ChillTech, your comfort and personal style can go hand in hand. ChillTech is a modern take on vinyl that actually cools when you touch it. You can now opt for a gray, black, or dark brown interior without the fear of your boat rivaling temperatures on the surface of the sun. With these darker color options becoming viable, say goodbye to those easily stained white seats for good!

Contrast Stitching

Want to make your new Supra feel truly custom? With your 2019 SE interior, you are now able to choose the stitching color that will run through your new ChillTech vinyl. You’re getting a lake limo, you shouldn’t have to settle for any less than a full customization.

More Storage than You Can Shake a Ski At

If you haven’t stepped foot in the new SE, it’s an experience in itself. The 2019 is seriously huge. With plenty of space for you and 17 friends, you won’t be leaving anyone on shore. “What about all the gear?” you may ask. Can I really store that much? The simple answer, is yes. The new SE offers full hinge systems in each storage area to make accessing your gear easier than ever. Just like the past years, Supra has included areas for your trash can, dry storage, wet storage, and (for 2019) they have also made their cupholders larger and deeper to fit even the biggest Yeti tumblers. Also new for 2019, dedicated cell phone holders. No more crawling around in the boat looking for your phone in the a random cup holder!

Bow Storage

The 2019 Supra SE bow storage is now fully hinged for your convenience. It’s also incredibly deep allowing ample space for all your gear. What about the filler cushion? For 2019, the bow filler cushion can be used in 3 different ways:

  • Removed entirely for a traditional walk up bow
  • As a cushion to create a lounging area in the bow for kids, spectators, and the passengers looking for a great tan.
  • Flipped over to create a step up into the bow

Transom & Trunk Storage

The 2019 SE comes standard with all of the hinged transom storage you are used to seeing on Supra boats on either side of the motor, but after popular demand, the SE now includes trunk storage!

In 2016, Supra introduced trunk storage in the SA model and you, the customers, have asked Supra to make this standard on all models. In 2019, Supra delivered. The trunk can store all kinds of gear from surfboards, to lifejackets, and everything in between. At Marine Products, we have found this storage specifically useful for lifevests, ropes, gloves, and any other wet items you may not want to drag into your interior.  The trunk also makes a great seat when you want to put on your wakeboard before exiting the boat.

The New Floor Storage Locker

For 2019, Supra introduced the all new floor storage locker for the SE. This is a deep compartment between located just behind the driver’s seat in the middle of the walkthrough. We suggest using this area for your AO soft cooler. It fits perfectly!

The Newly Redesigned Dash & Cockpit

Dual Screen Display

Our vote for the biggest improvement of 2019? The dash! The days of analog dials are officially over for Supra. In 2019, Supra opted for a dual screen display.

The horizontal (main) screen is 14” wide and puts everything you need to captain your vessel right at the tips of your fingers. This new display, with the touch of a button, allows you to cycle through your mapping, music, video, and AutoWake settings as well as keep track of all your major display items like RPM, water temp, battery life, fuel level, smart plate settings and more!

The secondary (vertical) screen reminds us of a multi function, paged, tablet. The displays are seamlessly navigable with settings for your audio equipment, lighting, AutoWake, and even seating adjustments including heat!

GoPro Integration

Hate missing out on the ride while you’re driving? The 2019 Supra SE comes standard with full GoPro integration with 2 seperate cameras, one at the transom, and one on the tower, so you won’t miss a moment of the action even when you need to look out for what’s ahead. The tower camera has also been relocated slightly to avoid conflict with Supra’s full coverage bimini.  

Throttle Support

No more captain’s arm! This year’s 2019 SE has a much larger armrest so you will feel supported all day long from the dock to full throttle runs to and from your favorite surfing spot.

Power & Performance

The Swell Surf System

And remember, every Supra comes with the Swell 3.0 Surf System standard. This technology allows you to switch your wake from one side of the boat to the other in under 1.5 seconds. The 2019 SE also comes standard with Supra’s wakeplate system which can help you adjust your rough water ride and fine tune your wake.

Surf Pipe Exhaust

Your new SE from Marine Products comes standard with a surf pipe exhaust system. This system puts the exhaust created by your boat into the water before it exits the vehicle. This not only helps with a quieter ride, it also allows you to surf, wakeboard, and ski without eating those potentially harmful exhaust fumes.

Roushcharged 6.2L Raptor by Indmar

The last thing you want when you load down your new lake limo is to feel underpowered.

Every Supra that comes in the door at Marine Products is optioned with a 6.2L Roushcharged Raptor 550 by Indmar. By the numbers, this beast puts 580 ft/lbs of torque to the water every time you push on the throttle. Now you may be thinking: “sounds like a gas guzzler.” Not necessarily. Having torque numbers like the 6.2L allows you to use less throttle for your desired wake, speed, and activity. This motor coupled with an 83 gallon fuel cell allow you to spend all day on the water without a second thought of heading to the marina.

Ballast on Ballast on Ballast

The 2019 SE comes standard with 4,100 lbs of ballast and this year, it’s all subfloor! No more FatSacs, no more led weight, just set it and forget it. Couple this with AutoWake and you have yourself a lake limo that doesn’t compromise when it comes to performance or style.

The Bells and Whistles

For 2019, the new Supra SE comes standard with PTM edge’s all new swiveling board racks. The rack’s fork spacing has been sized up by over ½”  in 2019 to accommodate larger surfboards that were a struggle to mount in previous years.

A Completely Redesigned Sound System

The SE has always come with JL Audio standard, but in 2019 they have stepped up their game. All of the speakers in the 2019 SE are integrated into their very own speaker box giving you a fuller, cleaner sound. The rear speakers are now 8.8” and the bow speakers are 6.5”. The SE also comes standard with a single 12” subwoofer mounted under the dash, but if that’s just not enough sound for you, you can option for a second 12” sub under the observer side dash.

Our Verdict

After spending some time with the SE and checking out all of it’s new, luxurious features, we can confidently say, if you are looking for boat over 24 ft, you’re going to have a hard time beating the new 2019 Supra SE.

Ready to pull the trigger on a new 2019 Supra SE? Schedule your test drive with the Supra boats experts at Marine Products today!

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