2019 Moomba Max Walkthrough & Review

2019 Moomba Max Walkthrough & Review

We got a chance to walk through the all new 2019 Moomba Max and the refinements they have made for 2019 are all about user-friendliness. With knee-deep storage, room for 17 of your friends and family (and all their gear), Gatorstep flooring, and Wetsounds audio the Max is truly a force to be reckoned with when it comes to versatility and flat-out, bang-for-your-buck value in a wake boat.

2019 Moomba Max Specs

The 2019 Moomba Max is 22’6” long and has a capacity of up to 17 people that can seat comfortably around the Max’s massive interior. But what really makes the Max special is its storage potential. Throughout the hull, you will find knee-deep storage compartments in a varieties of shapes and sizes for storing everything from wakeboards to wet life jackets and ropes. The Max also comes well equipped for a day on the water with a 65 gallon fuel tank and 3,000 lbs of sub-floor ballast.

Changes for 2019

The Tower

The tower on the 2019 Moomba Max has been updated to the more modern A3 tower which was already in use for the Moomba Craz and the Moomba Mojo. The entire 2019 Moomba lineup now comes standard with the A3. The difference between the A2 and A3 tower? Height. No more bumping your head on the speakers moving around in the boat!

The Bimini

The Bimini on the 2018 Max worked well, but we felt like it was missing something. In 2019, the Max delivered by adding surf storage sleeves to make even more room for all of the wakesurf boards in your quiver.

The Vinyl

The 2019 Moomba Max now comes standard with the previous year’s Supra vinyl. This upgrade makes your seats much more comfortable and the vinyl is much thicker so it gives the seating a more plush, luxurious feel. 

Relocated Battery Switch

For 2019, the Moomba lineup decided lifting seat cushions should be a thing of the past especially when it comes to something you use as much as your batter switch. The battery switch on all Supra and Moomba products is now located under the passenger side directly beside the captain’s chair.

Optional GatorStep Flooring

The 2019 Max comes standard with snap-in carpet, but for a small upcharge, you can upgrade your Max with the latest GatorStep flooring products! Take your 2019 Max to the next level of luxury with this upgrade.

Skis, Boards, and Surfs, Oh My!

Though the Max has always prided itself on creating a fantastic wakeboard and surf wake, the engineers at Moomba knew that waterskiing is still a major focus for many boaters. The 2019 Max has a collapsible ski (or tube) pylon keeping with the theme of maximum versatility.

Storage in the 2019 Moomba Max

Storage is a key component to a successful day on the water. Does everyone have enough life jackets? Where are coolers going? Where should we put wet gear? For every question you hear over and over in your boat, the Max has an answer. With knee deep storage all around the boat (thanks to the sub-floor ballast) the Max has room for all your gear even if you have a tendency to overpack.

Bimini Storage

As we mentioned above, the new bimini on the 2019 Max is now outfitted with surf sleeves so you can store even more of your quiver on the boat.

The Glove Box

The glove box on the Max is also enormous and has two access points. One access point is through the top of the passenger side dash and the other is from a side door next to the driver. This storage is great for keys, wallets, and any other valuables or personal items you want to keep safe and dry.

Dash Modifications for the 2019 Moomba Max

On the 2019, Moomba has made some serious driver experience improvements. All of the toggle switches are now the rocker switches you would normally expect to see in a Supra product.

The steering wheel for the Max has also been improved for 2019 and has a much more modern feel. However, the staple features like wake plate control and speed control mounted to the steering column.

Moomba kept the Fusion Bluetooth head unit in this year’s Max but did leave a 3.5mm headphone jack as well as a USB charger within reach.

Wake Performance

Autowake 3 and Flow 2.0

The screen is an offset, 3.5”, color, touchscreen and contains all of your operational settings (i.e Swell, Autowake, GPS, and speed controls). This screen comes standard with soft-touch buttons which are used to navigate the paginated screens you will need to operate your new 2019 Max. With the touch of a button, you can now change between major readouts (like speed, temp, hours, etc.) to your wakeplate and ballast settings.

With Autowake 3.0 standard, you will be able to switch wake sides seamlessly to allow for all of those modern wakesurfing transfer tricks. In the Autowake screen, you will be able to see your pitch and roll and will always be aware of the exact settings so you can fine-tune your wake for your preferences and the type of activity you feel like doing on the fly.

Optional 6 Pump Ballast System

To get the full effect of Autowake 3.0 and Flow 2.0 Moomba is now offering an upgrade to a 6 pump ballast system. This makes switching wake sides faster and allows you to fill and dump your ballast much more efficiently.

Wetsounds Audio Standard

In 2019, every Moomba model now comes standard with WetSounds audio. From the interior speakers, to amps and subwoofers you’ll be getting high-quality sound with every Moomba. You can also option for WetSounds Rev 8’s for your new A3 tower. 

Our Verdict

The 2019 Moomba Max is perfect for the boaters that are looking to do it all with their large families and friend groups. With a capacity of up to 17 people and storage for even the deepest quivers, the Max will give you some of the best dollar for dollar value in the wake boat industry whether you ski, surf, or board.

Ready to pull the trigger on a new 2019 Moomba Max? Give us a call, schedule an appointment at the boat show to check it out, or come down to Marine Products to take a tour of the all new 2019 Moomba Max.

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