Ken Block's Custom 2019 Supra SL 550

The King of Powersports Has A Brand New Ride

    At Marine Products we love two things: boats, and the memories they create. For 2019, we made sure Ken Block had everything he needed to make the summer of 2019 one of the best, most unforgettable summers yet. Starting with one of the best wake boats in the business, we built this 2019 Supra SL 550 to be unlike any boat on the water. Before we jump into the nitty gritty details of the build, we'd like to take a moment to thank our friends at Supra, Indmar, PTM Edge, Ronix Wakeboards, Liquid Lumens and Hoonigan for making this a truly one-of-a-kind vessel.

What's New From Supra For 2019?

Look at any Supra and it's plain to see, this isn't just your run of the mill wakeboat. Behind all of the custom options, the custom wrap, and the flash lies a handmade wakeboat throwing one of the best surf waves in the boating market.

The 2019 Supra SL got some fantastic updates for 2019 including the new dash screen, improved speaker boxes, and its modified V bow. With over 3,500 lbs of sub-floor ballast and the Swell 3.0 surf system, this may be the best surf boat Supra has ever produced.

This new surf system allows riders to switch the sides of the wake in under 1.5 seconds which opens up a whole new segment of airs, spins, and other tricks just by adding a smooth transition all while being completely evenly weighted in the boat.

Chill Tech Vinyl

The 2019 Supra SL has made interior colors that were "too hot" obsolete. Supra's new ChillTech Vinyl actually cools to the touch so you can rest easy even when your seats are in direct sunlight.

New and Improved Dash System

For 2019, Supra has moved to two large touchscreens in lieu of toggle switches. This gives you unprecedented access to all of your boat's major and minor functions at the tips of your fingers. From controlling your stereo, to lighting zones, and even integrating with your Go Pro, you can take care of everything you need directly from the driver's seat!  

Passenger Audio Controls

Driver too busy to pick the song you're looking for? No problem! The passenger side of the 2019 Supra SL now comes standard with passenger side audio controls via a touchscreen in the dash.

A Custom Wrap With A Surprise | Wraps By Ryan

Now, everyone with some money in their pocket can get a wrap done, but this isn't just any wrap. Shut the lights off and watch as the custom wrap on both Ken's new Ford Raptor and his new 2019 Supra SL 550 change with the light! Hit any black wrap piece with a light, and it reflects back at you. This process took some doing. First, we had to wrap the boat to match the new Avalanche Gray color of Ken's Ford Raptor. Once the gray was laid down, we had to overlay the reflective black pieces on top of the original color change wrap. Wraps By Ryan was an enormous asset for this piece of customization and we could not have completed a wrap this technical anywhere else.

Custom Engine Cowling By Indmar

When you're working on a custom boat for Ken Block, one thing is for certain: the more over-the-top, the better. Indmar Marine Engines took this beast of a 6.2L Roushcharged 575 and have tuned it specifically for the 2019 Supra SL. But, like everything on this boat, we couldn't just let sleeping dogs (or horses) lie. Indmar made sure Ken was set up with custom cowling to mach his signature Hoonigan-style American Flag graphic. We weren't exaggerating when we said this boat was truly one-of-a-kind inside and out.

RGB Liquid Lumens From Bow to Stern

During this custom build, we had the unique opportunity to work with one of our partners, Liquid Lumens, to make Ken's 2019 Supra SL a proving ground for their latest tech. Already being touted as the brightest marine lighting in the game, Liquid Lumens was able to come up with some truly ingenious lighting options. For 2019, Liquid Lumens gave Ken the first installed iteration of their cupholder lighting options. Ken's new SL also comes with their Topsider Lights as well as two sets of their already wildly popular underwater lights.

Custom Wakesurf Boards By Ronix

No surfboat would be complete without brand new surfboards from Ronix. The team at Ronix knocked it out of the park with these custom Ronix Carbon Skimmers! These one-off, custom wakesurf decks were manufactured in Seattle and include custom graphics of Ken's two dogs Yuki "The Destroyer" and Bentley "Chicken Fingers."

We Can't Wait to See Where Ken's Supra Ends Up!

Though we can't be sure where or when Ken will be using his boat, we know we're all in for a treat any time you strap Ken Block to a 6.2L V8 and let him do what he does.