What’s New in 2019? A Look at the Future of Supra Towboats

What’s New in 2019? A Look at the Future of Supra Towboats

Supra is known for raising the bar year after year when it comes to high-quality towboats. Every new season brings with it new innovations, exciting features, and world-class technology that immediately ripple through the world of wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

What's New For Supra in 2019?

Looking ahead, 2019 isn’t going to be any different! In fact, this upcoming year could be one of the most exciting in a long time for Supra, with new, amped-up boats. Take a look at what’s coming down the pipe from Supra in 2019.

The All-New 2019 Supra SE2019 Supra SE

The biggest, most advanced towboat to ever hit the water from Supra, the 2019 Supra SE has been fully redesigned and it looks phenomenal! Coming in at 24’5”, this mammoth towboat can accommodate up to 18 passengers comfortably. The SE has 4100 lbs of sub-floor ballast which delivers unbelievable wakes right out of the box.

Supra Competition Hull

Heralding the new Supra SE design is a deeper competition hull that’s design forward and totally imposing. It not only cuts through the water with ease, it helps this towboat rock a wake that’s unlike any other. On the back-end, you’ll get to experience the new walkthrough sun deck and optional flip-up seat design.

Supra Interior Features

It offers everything you need in the way of mobility, without compromising style for accommodation. Plus the upholstery is outfitted with new Chill Tech Vinyl, keeping it cooler in direct sunlight for ultimate comfort!

The 2019 Supra SA: Official Towboat of Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour

2019 Supra SA

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better than the new 2019 Supra SE, there’s also the new 2019 Supra SA to consider! There’s more than a few reasons that this is going to be the Official Towboat of the Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour!

Coming in smaller and more streamlined than the SE, the Supra SA is 22’8” and accommodates 16. We recommend the 575 Raptor engine which gives you all the power you need plus some. It comes with all of the same innovations as the SE standard, including Supra’s launch system, Swell Surf™ 3.0 and Autowake® technologies. It’s the full package!

The Supra SL: A Wake Monster

2019 Supra SL

Nothing owns the water quite like the new 2019 Supra SL! Coming in at 23’5” and seating up to 17, this towboat is a dream on the water. It sports everything you love about Supra boats, including the press-button folding tower, robust JL Audio sound system, transom and tower cameras, and all of Supra’s proprietary wake technologies.

With 3,500lbs of sub-floor mega velocity ballast and Supra’s Swell Surf™ 3.0 system, you’re guaranteed a wake that’s powerful, ensuring plenty of opportunity for tricks and airtime. Ready to relax after an afternoon of ripping waves? Lounge on triple-up port lounge seating with Chill Tech Vinyl in complete comfort.

The Roushcharged Raptor 575 by Indmar

Roushcharged 575 By Indmar

We recommend the 575 Raptor engine in all the Supra boats we sell. One it is the biggest power play in the industry. There is no substitute for power and in our industry power equals torque. That’s why Supra offers the optional ROUSHcharged by Indmar 575 6.2L engine. The ROUSHcharged by Indmar package takes the industry leading Raptor by Indmar engine package and pairs it with the innovation of Roush Performance to crank out 580 hard working ft-lbs of torque.

The Future is Bright

2019 looks to be an amazing year for Supra boats. With 4 completely redesigned, totally tricked-out models hitting the water, there’s never been a better time to get into wakesurfing! Ready to make memories on the water? Customize your very own Supra here!

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