Ken Block Reviews His 2018 Supra SL 550

Ken Block Reviews His 2018 Supra SL 550

Wakeboarders and wakesurfers rejoice! Ken Block’s review of the 2018 Supra SL 550 is in and can be summed up in just one word: rad!

Ken took this state-of-the-art towboat out to Lake Powell for a day on the majestic Colorado River, right on the border of Utah and Arizona. More than just some great scenery and a chill time on the water, he was kind enough to run down some of the best features the boat has to offer. 

Supra SL 550 Specs

To give everyone a little background, the Supra SL 550 is a modern marvel of engineering—starting with the streamlined design of the craft itself. This boat comes in at 23' 5"in overall length, with capacity for 17! It’s powered by a 6.2L Raptor by Indmar and delivers all the torque you want out of a towboat of this caliber.


Ken’s video shows just how simple and efficient the controls are on the Supra SL. Not only are there instant toggles for swell and wake plate adjustments right on the steering wheel itself, zero-off GPS cruise control is just a press away. For everything else, you can toggle settings, adjustments and presets on the gorgeous Vision touch amplitude display.


While the boat itself is a marvel to look at, it’s the amazing technology powering the Supra SL 550 that takes it to another level. Ken details a few of the craft’s programmable features in his video, but there’s so much more to love:

  • The AutoWake™ 2.0 System with predictive state technology is unlike anything else on the market today. With just a touch of the in-dash screen you can automatically set the speed and trim for the perfect wake. The boat will adjust according to presets, including filling the ballast to the precise level. It’s a wakeboarder’s dream!
  • The Swell™ 3.0 Surf System and automatically repositions the Supra SmartPlate™ to create symmetric waves that are absolutely ideal for wakeboarding. It promotes better planing when the boat is at capacity, so your wake is never disrupted and there’s more getup when you decide to get going.

With other features like automatic depth detection, customizable ride profiles, pitch and roll adjustments, and wave amp configuration, you can program your ideal wakeboarding experience no matter the conditions!


Ken’s video does a great job of showing just how decked-out the sound system of the Supra SL 550 really is. JL Audio has gone all-out to ensure sound clarity and integrity. Passengers can enjoy the music from two 7.7” JL Audio speakers in the bow, while wakeboarders will feel the adrenaline of their favorite jams blasting from four massive 8.8” tower speakers. A transom-mounted audio remote gives you immediate control over the tunes.


Even the storage capabilities of the Supra SL 550 are sexy! Toss your board into the PTM edge billet swivel clamping board rack or, for crowded boats, utilize the surf storage offered by the bimini—it provides eight feet of coverage and room for two surf boards. Need to house even more? Kick open the transom surf storage locker!

The Full Package

As Ken and countless others have quickly found out, the Supra SL 550 is the full package. From the sleek design of its FxONE power folding tower and wake plates, to the industry-leading technology it offers with just the press of a button, this boat is a wakeboarder’s dream!

Build Your Own SL 550! 

Ready to get your very own Supra SL 550? Head over to the Supra website to customize your dream Supra

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