The Top 5 New Products Of 2020

The Top 5 New Products Of 2020

It might be time to winterize here in Utah, but we're already getting excited about the 2020 gear we are getting from our manufacturers. We decided to take a look at some of the most exciting new products for 2020 and give you a quick overview of some of the new tech! 

2020 Ronix Supreme Wakeboard

1. 2020 Ronix Supreme Wakeboard

The 2020 Ronix Supreme is a brand new wakeboard, with a completely new construction, from Ronix for 2020.

Tyler and Jake were looking for something Ronix's engineers didn’t know would be possible – a combination of an explosive take off, with the feel of their favorite wood park board. The result is the only Sandwich constructed wakeboard in the market, featuring a light and lively Air Core 3 sandwiched with their favorite wood on the outside, wrapped up a in a new Hybrid Continuous middle / 3-Stage outer rockerline.

The result of this construction, is a stronger connection between a rider’s board and the water with effortless transfer off the wake.

2020 Ronix One Impact Vest

2. 2020 Ronix One Impact Vest

Think of the One Vest as an Intuition Liner for your belly.

The 2020 Ronix One Impact Vest combines the custom tailored fit of a BOA system and combines it with one of the most moisture wicking materials we've ever seen. 

The BOA system forms to your chest like no other water garment. Redesigned by a Manhattan tailor, dropped into a computer and scaled to fit just the right way. Fine tune this One even more with our BOA system.

2020 Ronix RXT Wakeboard Boots

3. 2020 Ronix RXT  Wakeboard Boots

The 2020 RXT wakeboard boot features a redesigned Intuition+ liner built on Ronix's new Pro S.O.L.E.: the most advanced footbed in wakeboarding. This footbed features Gen 2 orthotic contours and a material recipe developed to react faster, boost higher and land softer.

The 2020 RXT boot is the first boot created with the Ronix FlexForm heel and toe to enhance the custom fit of our industry exclusive heat moldable Intuition+ liner.

This boot also includes Brainframe technology. Brainframe technology is an exoskeleton that runs the entire length of the boot that increases the boot's longevity and gives you more support than any other boot on the market. 

Looking for even more ways to customize your 2020 RXT boots? We are now offering custom lace lock kits that come in a multitude of colors.  

 2020 Hyperlite Satellite

4. 2020 Hyperlite Satellite Wakesurf Board

The all new 2020 Hyperlite Satellite is hot out of the Satellite Beach Shaping Lab of Scott "Butch" Bouchard. The Satellite delivers unparalleled push down the line, even on the smallest waves thanks to it's concave base. This base allows water to flow more freely under the board meaning more speed and less drag.

Butch has combined the volume of the Satellite with an aggressive shape for high-end slashing and carving. Drop the trailer fins in for a tighter feel and more push or surf without them for a soulful style session. Run down the line and pop big airs with the Satellite shape, guaranteed shredder and fun for the entire crew.

The 2020 Satellite also provides you with unmatched durability thanks to Hyperlite's DuraShell construction which wraps this board in a tough outer shell to give you all the performance of a high end wakesurfer, without the fragility. 

The 2020 Hyperlite Satellite comes with 2 fin options, standard. It comes with a 3.5" asymmetrical flex fin, and a 1.75" nubby drop fin. Depending on where you set these fins, you can completely change the way this board feels and performs. 

Attach the small fin towards the front for a more loose, fluid feel perfect for nailing those shuvs and spins, or, attach the longer fins to the rear for a more planted, surf style performance. 

2020 HO Hovercraft Waterski

5. 2020 HO Hovercraft Waterski

The surface area of the 2020 HO Hovercraft is comparable to two skis combined!

The 2020 Hovercraft makes standing up and staying up simple and easy. It's a great choice for beginners all the way to experts who want fun surf-inspired open water ski sessions. We even suggest riding them two-up for maximum fun. 

For those of us that aren't expert waterskiers, the Hovercraft offers great control and better balance in a waterski that works great at low speeds.

The days of tug-of-war deep water starts are over! The 2020 HO Hovercraft lifts skiers out of the water like they've been given a helium injection thanks to its Widetrack Frame. This frame offers extra stability for easy deep water starts, clear directional getups, less wobble, and less spray in the face! 

Final Thoughts

There are some fantastic new designs, tech updates, and offerings for 2020. We are excited every time we get to open a box and see what innovations our manufacturers have made this year. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel for all the latest in wake and watersports! 

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