Stronger, Stiffer, More Responsive: The Alumacraft 2XB Hull Advantage

Stronger, Stiffer, More Responsive: The Alumacraft 2XB Hull Advantage

The water and the weather aren’t always going to cooperate when you’re out on the lake. Don’t leave your boat’s strength to chance, choose the boat built to withstand all the wind, waves, hail, snow, and rain that can ruin your day out on the lake. Choose the tried, tested, and true Alumacraft lineup with the 2XB hull, standard.

Engineered With Your Ride In Mind

Alumacraft 2XB Hull Gullwing

The Alumacraft 2XB Hull is designed with a gullwing shape to give you quicker planing, better handling, better fuel economy, and superior boat control even when the water gets rough.

2XB Hull One Piece Contstruction

The 2XB Hull is a one-piece construction making it significantly stronger than the 2 piece design used by Alumacraft’s competitors. This one-piece design is purpose built to minimize failure points giving you peace of mind that your hull will always stand up to whatever gets thrown your way and keep you on the water. 

Double Plating 2XB Alumacraft Hull

Still concerned about the strength? Alumacraft has improved their hull design’s strength will a second, full-length plate from bow to stern giving you a second layer of protection. This design also gives the hull added rigidity which reduces sound and vibration by minimizing flexing and racking. A more rigid hull also means better handling especially when the going gets rough. 

Aircraft Grade Rivets

The Alumacraft 2XB hull is assembled using aircraft grade rivets to guarantee a solid bond and give the hull even more added strength. 

Over 130% Stronger Than Traditional Transoms

The one-piece hardened keel of the 2XB hull system improves handling, tracking and control in any water condition.

Hardened Center Keel

The aluminum transom is stronger and lighter than a traditional wood transom and helps to minimize racking and vibration as you’re heading out to your favorite fishing holes.

100% Aluminum Transom

This extra strength allows you to have the most efficient power transfer from your outboard to the water. This more durable mounting surface reduces flexing and twisting when you put the power down on today’s larger, more powerful outboards. 

Built for Style, Strength, and Comfort

Large Spray Rails

Large reverse dispersal spray rails come standard on every Alumacraft model. These rails deflect backsplash more effectively which will give you a dry ride even when the weather is less than cooperative.

Sharp Angle Bow Rake

A sharper angled bow rake also ensures a dry ride with an emphasis on smooth re-entry to the water rather than taking a bow shot and soaking yourself and your passengers. 

Automotive Quality Paint

Alumacraft also uses automotive grade paint and clearcoat so you will see less fading over time than many other manufacturers. This keeps your boat looking showroom new for much, much longer. 

The 2XB hull is engineered to create the most possible lift, unmatched strength, and better fuel economy so you can enjoy a smooth, dry ride whether you’re chasing lake trout at Flaming Gorge, or wipers at Willard. 

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