Vector Boot Titanium Rear Sm

  • Item# 181245

VECTOR Every now and then a product comes along and redefines its category. We think the Vector has done just that for water ski boots. A boot of tournament level performance built with the comfort of your house slippers. It's also lower and lighter than any other available boot, keeping you in more control and aiding in a lightweight set-up. Cuff height has been set for great lateral stability and the 3-D molded tongue offers firm support, controlling forward pressure. FEATURES - Feather Frame Chassis - Fully Integrated - Original baseless - Available with aluminum plate - Single 3D molded tongue - Double lacing - Taller cuff and medium overall flex - Symmetrical footed with a well-defined heel cup and arch - New internal construction for a better fit and increased comfort - Medium Density footed drives responsiveness - PVC Free construction

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