Tidal Wake Surf Shaper | 2019

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    Turn Your Boat into a Surf Machine!  Engineered Wedge-Style performance shaper that is easy for 1 person to install from inside the boat plus compact “glove-box” size storage. Best shaper for both skim & surf style riders. Patent pending design grows & accelerates your wake for a larger sweet spot with more push.  Great for big air, tricks & more wake to play with for those new to the sport.  Strongest suction cups on the market make it easy to switch to either side of the boat & It Floats. Tool-Free removable fin makes for easy, compact storage when not in use.  XLR8 has less drag, a lower RPM at surf speeds, 
    less wear and tear and uses less fuel.  Made in USA.  Color Options: Silver Body with Metallic Black, Metallic Red or Metallic Blue Fin.

    How Are They Different?

    GENR8 - Makes the Best Wakes on More Brands and Styles of Boats with 4 different configurations to deconstruct the wake so a larger wake generates on the surf-side of the boat. The fin is reversible and removable without tools.


    XLR8 - Ready, Set, Surf! Best for both Surf and Skim style riders. Larger fin elongates and accelerates the water flow and allows the surf-side wake to grow. Strongest suction cups on the market. The fin is removable without tools.