Fish-On Rod Holders w/Side Mnt(Twin Pack) 72027 | 2023

by Tempress Products
Fish-On Rod Holders With Side Mount(Twin Pack) #107-72027
  • Molded of rugged, corrosion-resistant materials that will not mark or abrade your expensive rod.
  • Rod removal is quick and easy with this open-tube design.
  • The hook-setting motion keeps your line from going slack for even a split second.
  • The Fish-On! Rod Holder is designed with an enlarged opening on the underside of the body to accommodate the popular trigger-style fishing rods.
  • Removing rod creates hook-setting motion
  • Adjustable to five positions within 360
  • Sliding lock ring holds rod in place
  • Mounts require 1/4" hole and 4 #10 self tapping screws