Straightline Sumo Max 975 pounds. Bow Ballast Bag Grey

by Straightline
$239.99 $269.99
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  • Sumo Max Flow Link Valve - NEW 1.5" diameter high flow valve(compatible w/ classic Sumo and Big Ballast systems)
  • Sumo Skin Fabric - Durable 1000D Polyester core bonded to water tight lightweight Polymer skins
  • Sumo Seams - Double welded to ensure a watertight seal
  • 1" NPT Valves - Up to 6 psi, 1" NPT ports allow built in ballast systems to fill/drain/vent quickly

Sumo Max 975lbs. Floor Sac Ballast Bag Grey (2018) DETAILS The 975 pound version of the Sumo Max series with Sumo Max pump compatibility. Description Looking for a bag to use with the fastest portable pump on the market? The Sumo Max 975 features the Sumo Max port for use with Straight Line's new 4250GPH ultra pump. A great fit in the rear locker of many v-drive boats, this is a perfect option to weight your boat for surfing. Features four 1" NPT integration ports, with a new plug design that is easier to loosen and tighten by hand.