Straightline Sumo Max 600 pounds. Floor Sac Ballast Bag Grey

by Straightline
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  • Sumo Skin 1000DSumo Sacs are made with "Sumo Skin," Straight Line's own flexible and puncture-resistant fabric. It has a durable 1000D Polyester core that is heat-laminated to lightweight PVC skins with a bonding agent. This sandwich construction is 150% stronger in tearing tests and 37% higher in tensile strength than the competitors', making it the most durable ballast bag available. Sumo SeamsEvery Sumo sac is double welded to ensure a watertight seal. Straightline's tough Sumo Skin

Sumo Max 600lbs. Floor Sac Ballast Bag Grey (2018) DETAILS The 600 pound version of the Sumo Max series with Sumo Max pump compatibility. Description Looking for a bag to use with the fastest portable pump on the market? The Sumo Max 600 features the Sumo Max port for use with Straight Line's new 4250GPH ultra pump. A great fit in the rear locker of many v-drive boats, this is a perfect option to weight your boat for surfing. Features four 1" NPT integration ports, with a new plug design that is easier to loosen and tighten by hand.