Straightline Sumo Big Bag 540 pounds. Single Ballast Bag

by Straightline
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  • The Launch Pad 540lb ballast bag is great option for either a direct drive boat or a inboard/outboard boat. The additional ballast will pump up your wake. 20"H x 20"W x 50"L
  • Heavy Duty 30 gauge PVC. Strong, electronically welded seams.
  • Three Launch Pad Link valves for clean and easy filling and draining of your ballast bag.
  • One traditional valve for compatibility with older pumps.
  • Weight label around valve for easy size identification.

Sumo Big Bag 540lbs. V Twin Pair Ballast Bag (2018) DETAILS 540 LBS EACH - 50" 20" 20" 1 X LINK 3 X 1" NPT