Straightline TR9 Wakeboard Rope 65 ft. | 2019


Double braided handle construction along with dual neoprene floats make sure this combo is durable and highly visible on the water.

Dip Molded End Caps: PVC dipped endcaps - lightweight and durable Polyethylene Leader: Lightweight PE leader line with minimal stretch

PVC Dyneema Tubing: Clear PVC tubing that covers PE leader line to resist abrasion

Machined EVA Grip: Machined circular EVA grip features an aesthetic color pop on the handle grip T6-6061 Aluminum Bar: 15" No flex, no bend, lightweight bar extrusion with built in floats

Pencil Floats: Thin pencil floats help keep handle from sinking. Static Combo Line: 65' feet total including handle, 5 section mainline: 45'-5'-5'-5'-5'

  • TR9 15" EVA Tractor grip with rounded shape handle.
  • The Straight Line Static mainline is made of a specific blended Polyethylene fiber for the most forgiving wake line, allowing only minimal amounts of stretch.
  • 2 Floats.
  • 4 section polyethylene mainline(50'10'5'5'+ handle)