Faria Dress White GPS/Speedometer 4" 60mph 33147 | 24

by Faria Instruments

Faria Dress White GPS/Speedometer #678-33147

  • Size: 4"
  • 60mph
  • A drop in replacement for your current speedometer to match your existing instrument dash with an internal GPS antenna. No external antenna required. The GPS Speedometer uses a highly accurate 48 channel GPS receiver. Speed data is shown by an analog pointer. This pointer is driven by a digital stepper motor for increased accuracy and minimized pointer bounce during vessel operation. Chesapeake Series features a polished stainless steel bezel, domed glass lens and a premium LED back-lit dial. Requires 3-3/8" hole.
  • Studded harness fits into existing dash harnesses already installed. The studded speedometer connects directly to the battery and ground without a costly connector.
      • LCD display shows Compass Rose heading and actual heading (COG)

      • Fast satellite acquisition time (TTFF) 1 second from Hot Start

      • Speed accuracy of +/- 1 MPH

      • Digital stepper motor driven pointers

      • Perfect for slow moving vessels where pitot tubes just dont work
      • Ideal replacement for speed sensing devices (pitot tube and paddle wheel) that can fail over time