Slingshot Phantasm PTM 1001mm Front Wing V1 | 2023

by Slingshot

The Phantasm Technical Mastery (PTM) 1001 front wing was designed to deliver the most glide and give you a ton of forward traction with each pump. This wing makes even the tiniest bump feel like a giant open-ocean roller—the lack of friction is simply amazing. It's an outstanding foil for downwind runs on SUP or Wing, and will let you pump all the way around any towboat.


We wanted a wing with incredible glide that also gives you a ton of forward traction with each pump. The PTM 1001 lets you enjoy effortless downwind runs. Efficient enough to ride 4 and 5 wakes back on a wake boat.


  • Incredible glide and pumping efficiency
  • Nearly frictionless
  • Cuts through the back of a swell like butter, allowing you to reach the next face and continue your glide
  • Significant rail-to-rail stability

Package Includes: PTM 1001 Front Wing, Hardware (316 Stainless Steel Torx)