Slingshot Hover Glide WF-T V1 4'5" Wakesurf Board W/Phantasm 730 Foil Package | 2023

by Slingshot

WF-T V1 4'5" BOARD


The WF-T V1 is our all-new entry-level foil board for those looking to take flight for the first time. The WF-T V1 is compression molded, which increases the overall durability and decreases buoyancy so riders don't have to fight against the float of the board when starting out. The 4'5" length of the WF-T V1 combines with the perfect amount of nose rocker to allow the board to takeoff and touchdown repeatedly without nosediving—so beginners can master their body position and find a constant hover without falling and having to start over. The construction style and strength of the WF-T V1 also make it a great option for foilers looking to jump and do wake-style tricks.


Simple inline inserts allow for the addition of half straps or full footstraps based on rider preference.


Super-soft EVA features a corduroy texture that provides tons of grip (and is as pleasing to your feet as it is to the eye).


Much like a traditional foam wakeboard, this construction style is stronger and less buoyant than surf-style constructions.


When learning to foil you will experience quick rises—and even quicker crashes. The nose rocker on the WF-T V1 will help absorb that impact and direct you back onto foil.

Phantasm Surf 730 Foil Package

The results are in, the team has spoken – The Phantasm 730 Surf delivers a new level of rail to rail responsiveness, more controlled get-ins and wildly efficient pump-outs. The package comes with a 72cm mast made from super light, stiff and efficient high-modulus carbon. The 72cm mast keeps your wing in the power of the wave while the short 710mm fuselage delivers unparalleled pumping and crisp, responsive flight height corrections while charging across faces. The 1437 cm2 surface area PFI 730 front wing is a polished, refined, and scaled down version of our most popular surf wing to date, the Infinity 76. Better pumping, less breaching, more control at speed and tighter radius carves, all while retaining that shaped-in downforce in the wingtips which will prevent you from over-foiling when the wave gets steep. The new PFI 730 front wing, combined with the efficiency of carbon delivers a surf setup that feels like an extension of the rider in every turn.


  • Simply put - this is the best all-around performance surf foil on the market
  • The perfect blend of Controlled Lift, Stability, and Rail to Rail Responsiveness
  • The stiffest carbon mast on the market, matched with a scaled down and tuned up version of our favorite surf wing ever, gives you a surf foil with unlimited potential.


  • The unbending nature of carbon allows riders to push their limits beyond the thresholds of aluminum performance.
  • A pedestal with more adjustability allows riders to obtain their desired performance by finetuning their foil placement.
  • Our riders demanded a foil system capable of taking to the air and taking a beating.