Slingshot Hover Glide FSurf Package | Sale!

by Slingshot
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The Hover Glide Foil Wakesurf V3 Foil Package has been re-invented to meet the evolving ambitions of the newfound advanced surf foiler. A shorter more compact board design combines with a longer 71cm mast to help surfers pump farther than ever before. Equipped with our ever popular Infinity 76 front wing, this combo rises off the water early and is capable of surfing 5-6 waves back behind any proper wakesurfing boat. Don’t have a wakesurfing boat? Surf the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd waves of most any boat with this setup thanks to the plus sized wing and the overall efficiency of Slingshot’s foil designs. In case you decide to come back down from the heavens above, the foil is also remove-able and transforms the board into a ripping twin fin wakesurfer as well ... The  Hover Glide Foil Wakesurf V3 Package is the setup for those who are truly LOYAL TO THE FOIL … From the leaders of Hydrofoiling.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: WF-1 Foil Board, Hover Glide FSURF Complete Foil, 71cm Mast, Infinity 76cm Front Wing, 42cm Rear Stabilizer Wing, FCS II Twin Carver Fins, Foil Travel Case and Neoprene Wing Covers