Slingshot Coaster V6 Wakesurf Board

by Slingshot

This skim-style cruiser that delivers the best of all worlds from beginner to expert levels. The Coaster rides fast and free—excellent for teaching newbies, carving hard, and integrating skim/skate-style maneuvers into your bag of tricks.

The mission with the Coaster from day 1 was to do just that: Coast—anywhere, anytime, and on virtually any boat. Thanks to its skim-inspired design with a flat rocker line, the smaller sizes are extremely nimble for skim-based maneuvers and larger styles make surfing smaller sized waves a breeze. The exaggerated nose rocker in the tip makes the board extremely forgiving, helping to prevent nose dives, and the thruster fin configuration is customizable. Run just one, two, or all three fins for maximum grip.