Shurflo Aqua King II Water Pump 2.0gpm 4128-110-E04

by Shurflo

    Shurflo Aqua King II Water Pump #275-4128110E04

    • 2.0gpm
    • PSI: 30
    • Amps: 3.5
    • 12volt
    • Size: 8-1/8" x 5" x 4-1/8"
    • Includes fittings (swivel straight adapter 1/2-14 NPT x 1/2" barb (Qty. 2).
    • Four chamber design for smooth flow at all demand levels. No rapid cycling.
    • Designed and built specifically for the harsh marine environment, they are dry self-priming up to 6' and can run dry without damage.
    • Featuring sealed motor and pressure switch in a seamless, E-coated housing for superior longevity. Ignition protected, thermal breaker.
    • 2.0 GPM pumps handle 1-2 fixtures, larger pumps handle multi-fixture installations. 4128 Series are direct replacements with same mounting bracket as Aqua King 2901. Attributes: PSI: 30 Volts: 12 Amps: 3.5