Shakespeare Antenna 4-Way Ratchet Mnt S/S 5187 2023

by Shakespeare Antennas

Shakespeare Antenna 4-Way Ratchet Mnt #167-5187

  • Stainless Steel
  • Sleek and classy, the designer look of this four-way ratchet mount wont fail to catch your eye. Its simple lines come from a nutless design.
  • This streamlined beauty has standard 1''-14 threads and a special cable slot that eliminates removal of most factory installed connectors.
  • Easy on the eye, and super easy to use.
  • Five degree teeth for finer adjustments than standard rachet mounts
  • Special cable slot eliminates removal of most factory-installed connectors
  • Versatile - adjusts for slanted surfaces
  • Quick Action release handle easily raise and raise the antenna
  • Bolt holes: 5/16in dia,, 3in x 11/2in on center
  • Standard 1in-14 thread.(male)