SeaStar No Feedback Rack & Pinion Steering Kit Dual 12ft 1-SS15212

by Sierra International


SeaStar Teleflex No Feedback Rack & Pinion Steering Kit Dual #1-SS15212

  • NFB Pro Rack systems are suitable for single-station, high performance boats equipped with a single non-power-assisted outboard (up to V-6) in which engine flutter or steering instability is present. New Back Mount design installs easily and replaces standard Teleflex/Seastar Solutions rack steering without dash modifications. 4 turns lock to lock. Precision rack & pinion steering. Note: SSC124XX old style rack cables CANNOT be used with these systems. 
  • Features:
    Patented No FeedBack™ steering mechanism
    Dual cables minimize lost motion
    Precise feel of 4 turns lock-to-lock
    Minimal clutch free play
    Standard 3/4" tapered steering shaft
    Stainless steel cable output end
    Meets A.B.Y.C. standards and N.M.M.A. certification programs
  • Includes:
    SH5230P - No FeedBack Helm
    SB39544P 90° - Bezel Kit
    SSC135XX - Rack
    Dual Cable (1)