Seadog MaxBlast Single Trumpet Horn 431510-1 | 2024

by Seadog
    Seadog MaxBlast Single Trumpet Horn #354-4315101
    • Constructed with an over molded motor housing under a stamped 304 stainless steel exterior and diaphragm, which protects the internal components from corrosion. After a 600 hour salt spray test, this electric horn was completely rust-free! Horn wiring has no polarity, negative or positive can be attached to either wire.
    • Mounting bracket can be used as a wiring template.
    • When installed, the trumpet should point slightly downward to permit water drainage.
    • Meets U.S Coast Guards C.O.L.R.E.G.S. and U.S. Inland Navigation Rules, Annex III Regulations
    • For boats up to 66'.
    • Rating: At 118 decibels and a frequency (Hz) of 390±15A,
    • Length: 16"
    • Volts: 12