Roswell Triton Strapless Board Rack | 2022 | Pre-Order

by Roswell


The award-winning, patented Roswell Triton has given boards of all shapes and sizes around the world peace of mind knowing that the days of chattering across the water at high speeds are over. Vertical orientation and telescopic grab arms make loading boards a breeze and direct water droplets outside of the boat and away from your head. EVA foam prevents scratches and dings with tine slots large enough for boards up to 2.75” thick. No matter what you do or what they say, once you try this rack you’ll never go back.



  • Designed to protect your easily damaged, hand-shaped surf boards
  • Billet aluminum tines & crossbars designed to hold 2 surfboards, 2 wakeboards or 1 of each
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Compatible with all Roswell aftermarket towers and swivels
  • Vertical board orientation allows wet boards to drip outside of your boat
  • Vertical board orientation and grab head design decreases the frequency of rope catching when picking up riders
  • Board orientation provides improved ergonomics for inserting and removing boards
  • Provides a secure fit of kid or adult boards or any shape
  • Telescopic grab arm designed to fit boards at a maximum of 23 inches wide
  • Durable Sandblasted / Anodized finish
  • Tine slots accommodate boards up to 2.75 inches thick
  • 10mm SeaDek® closed-cell EVA foam for ultimate protection of fragile boards
  • Telescopic arm can be adjusted so that dedicated slots have smaller or larger gaps to account for width changes of kids wakeboards vs. large surfboards
  • Hard duro Thermoplastic polyurethane wakeboard groove
Tine Spread

10.0 in 25.4 cm

Tine Gaps

2.75 in 6.98 cm

Max Board Width

23 inches 58.42 cm


6061 aluminum SeaDek® closed cell EVA foam Hard duro TPU

Mounting Hardware

316 stainless steel