Roswell CAM RT Wake Tower - Brushed | 2022 | Pre-Order

by Roswell

C910-3120 | C910-3130

The CAM RT’s modular design enables the tower to be broken down into smaller components for shipping. Roswell’s patented cam latch system makes folding the CAM RT quick and easy with the simple twist of a handle. The tower is ideal as a top mount but with our low-profile universal mounting system, can easily adapt to be side mounted and will accommodate tower widths ranging from 78” to 92” with the narrow center section and tower widths from 90” to 104” with the wide center section. The CAM RT also includes pull strings for ease of wiring when adding lights and tower speakers. Compatible with all Roswell accessories, the CAM RT Tower comes standard with sturdy weld-on inserts for a pair of Classic Unison Tower Speakers and your favorite swivel/fixed racks.


Modular forward folding universal tower

Simplified low-profile mounting system

Additional accessories can be added by using Roswell’s Universal Clamp

Designed to work with Sun Top Bimini

Pull strings for routing audio/12V wiring

Adjustable Telescoping center section with mounting tab for Roswell Anchor Light

Mounting options for (1) pair fixed speakers

Mounting options for swivel board racks and fixed racks

Patented cam latch & weight-assist system

Saltwater friendly (Brushed Anodized)


Narrow and wide dimensions are given with towers in top mount orientation. When rotating the tower mount in for side mounting, the orientation of the mount will make the width dimension 1-3 inches less than these given measurements.


Mounting Hardware

316 stainless steel

Tower Tubing Sizes

1.9 inches, 4.83 cm

Center Section Tubing Size

2.375 inches, 6.03 cm

Narrow Tower Width

78 – 92 inches, 198.12 – 233.68 cm

Wide Tower Width

90 – 104 inches, 228.6 – 264.16 cm

Tower Materials

T5 6061 aluminum, SCHED 40