Roswell Area 53 Wake Tower - Brushed | 2022 | Pre-Order

by Roswell


The Area 53 tower allows more people than ever to equip their boats with a wake tower to immediately improve your experience on and behind your boat. Featuring a new design concept, the Area 53 can be installed to fold forward or backward. At nearly half the weight of the Cam RT, folding the tower is a breeze. Fixed board rack mounts fit standard Roswell racks, and more Roswell accessories can be clamped to the 2.375″ main tubes. With a brand new low-profile, satin finish, the clear anodized billet mounts allow for top or side mount installations. 316 stainless steel ball joints allow the feet to conform to nearly any boat’s hull when mounting the tower. The Area 53 Wake Towers feature full stainless steel hardware throughout, high-quality quality proven marine friendly finishes, a bimini option, and are supplied with wiring pull cables. The Area 53 Wake Tower can give you what you need to have fun on the water for years and years.


  • All New super lightweight design (approximately 50 lbs)
  • Easy to build and fold (can be setup to fold forward or backward)
  • Top mount or side mount
  • Pull strings for routing audio/12V wiring
  • Additional accessories can be added by using Roswell's universal clamps
  • Designed to work wit Area 53 Bimini
  • Adjustable Telescoping center section with mounting tab for Roswell Anchor Light
  • Built-in mounting blocks for fixed board racks
  • Universal fit: Mounting Width 76" to 102"


Narrow and wide dimensions are given with towers in top mount orientation. When rotating the tower mount in for side mounting, the orientation of the mount will make the width dimension 1-3 inches less than these given measurements.

Mounting Hardware

316 stainless steel

Tower Tubing Size

2.375 inches, 6.03 cm

Center Section Tubing Size

3 inches, 7.62 cm

Tower Width

76 – 102 inches, 193.04 – 259.08 cm

Tower Materials

T5 6061 aluminum, SCHED 40