Ronix One Blackout Wakeboard | 2021 Rapa+Harf Pro Model

by Ronix

BlackOut Tech-Less Is More

These are all the things you'll feel when doing a side by side demo of the 2021 One Series:

  -Less effort to get wide on Boat

  -Less effort to turn in

  -Less effort to set and hold edge/attack angle

  -Less effort to get off the wake

  -More Speed

  -More lift off wake

  -More Consistant


  -Faster core is lighter and more Boyant so ur rider can use less edge/attack angle

  -Lift off wake core lighter/10 Times more reactive than other cores and requires less ling tension

  -Landings and core absorbs better and returns to shape faster than other cores

  -More consistent rider can adjust their speed and line tension better for more feedback

Who is it for??

  -Any rider level, there no negatives!!

  -Advanced riders will benefit the most

  -Beginner riders will love the lightness