Radar Butterknife Waterski Ski w/Prime ARTP | 2018

by Radar
  -Butterknife Our easiest out-of-the-water, most stable platform to date. With the most surface area in its class, its guaranteed to instill confidence and make you a better skier than other open water skis on the market. No gimmicks, just great skiing! Bent Vee Tech Many of you reading this brochure are thinking but I dont turn buoys when I ski'', and thats OK with us! In fact the vast majority of skiers in the world will never turn a buoy while dancing their water jig. The Bent Vee series of slalom skis was created to take you anywhere any time at any ability level. Its the easiest, smoothest ski weve created with the least amount of drag you could ever imagine. Now dont get us wrong. We take pride in the hi-performance level of every ski in our line, regardless of intended purpose! The fundamental aspects such as bevel and rocker line are that of a Vapor. So you ski assured, knowing youre riding a high performance rip stick. Sidecut Surface area was added behind your feet for lift on deep-water starts and stability when riding straight ahead. The widest point in the tip is much further forward than a conventional slalom ski, giving the feeling of a longer wheelbase. Imagine a 73 convertible Fleetwood rolling down the highway. It doesnt get any more stable. When the ski is turned on edge, it creates an automatic turn based on the inside radius sidecut. The ski just pivots right through both on and off side turns without effort. Rocker(s) Every ski design actually has 2 rocker lines. The first one is down the center of the concave, which, in Bent Vee, is identical to the Vapor. The second rocker line is on the bevels (the part that touches a table), and weve made it flat and stable for consistent water flow in any conditions. By altering the sidewall thickness we can create a second bevel rocker'' suitable for the intended purpose which levels the attitude of the ski in the water. 

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