O'Brien Torrent Dark Horse Carbon Wakesurf Board

by O'Brien

High-Flying Skim Performance

Stronger, lighter, and even more responsive, the Dark Horse Edition of the Torrent utilizes 100% carbon fiber construction to enhance every performance element of this shape to provide the ultimate skim-style experience. Bigger airs. Less swing weight. More stoke. Push your riding further on the Torrent Dark Horse!


  • Skim Style
  • Carbon Fiber Layup - Aerospace grade carbon fiber wrap that provides a quantum jump in performance over traditional fiberglass
  • Enhanced Semi-Twin Design
  • Chopped Diamond Tail
  • Machined EVA Pad
  • 3 Removable Kappa Fins

Carbon Fiber Layup

Our aerospace-grade carbon fiber wrap provides a quantum jump in performance over traditional fiberglass with unmatched strength-to-weight ratios.

Enhanced Semi-Twin Design

Utilizes a similar nose and tail design to deliver a stable ride forwards and backward; perfect for riding out on shuvs, 180s, and air reverses.

Chopped Diamond Tail

Blends features of diamond and rounded square tail shapes for stable, snappy turns, greater speeds, and bigger airs.

Full Machined EVA Pad

This grippy EVA pad covers the majority of the deck, so you can confidently place your feet anywhere. It also features an elevated arch bar and angled kicktail for precision control.

3 Removable Fins

The tri-fin setup allows riders of all abilities to customize the board's performance to meet their needs.