O'brien SUP 2-Piece Aluminum Paddle Blue

by O'Brien

The O’Brien Aluminum/Plastic Paddle is a great option for beginner paddlers or anyone who tends to be a little rough on their equipment. The aluminum shaft and plastic blade are highly durable and work well together on leisurely cruises. The angled and contoured blade glides efficiently through the water and its 7” blade width minimizes stress on the shoulders for a more relaxing paddle. For dialing in your paddle length, this paddle features an adjustable grooved shaft that not only gives the paddle a 68”-85” adjustment range, but also prevents the shaft from twisting so your paddle will stay inline with every stroke. Just find that perfect length, effortlessly lock it into place with the premium adjustment clamp and get out there for a fun cruise on the water.

  • Aluminum shaft – Light and durable
  • Angled and contoured plastic blade – Highly durable blade design for smooth, controlled strokes
  • 7″ Blade width – Allows the blade to travel quickly through the water and minimizes stress on the shoulders
  • Grooved shaft – Eliminates twisting of the shaft components so your handle never rotates and the paddle remains straight
  • Premium adjustment clamp – Effortless adjustability and a two bolt design for strong clamping power
  • Paddle length – 68? to 85? adjustment range
  • Weight – 2.1 lbs

Available in a 2 piece or 3 piece design