O'Brien Revival V2 Wakesurf Board | 2023 | Pre-Order

by O'Brien

Mimic the feel of surfing in the ocean

The Revival V2 is all about generating lively, surf-style fun on the wave. Featuring a wide swallow tail design, this board is quick, stable, and cruises with ease. From the moment you pop up, you immediately feel engaged with the wave and can't help but embrace the rapid responsiveness and snappy turning characteristics unleashed by this shape. These same elements make the Revival V2 an excellent choice for launching airs. Basically, this is a high-performance shortboard on steroids and is the perfect addition to everyone's quiver.


  • Surf Style
  • Compression Molded
  • Swallow Tail
  • Split EVA Pad
  • 3 FCS Compatible Fin Boxes

Compression Molded

Buoyant EPS core wrapped in fiberglass and compressed in a mold to increase durability and consistently create perfectly shaped rails for the ultimate surf-style performance.

Swallow Tail

Generate tons of speed while maintaining traction on the wave with this wider-than-most tail shape.

Split EVA Pad

These super grippy pads feature elevated arch bars and an angled kicktail for precision control.

3 FCS Compatible Fin Boxes

Customize your fin setup to meet your performance needs; comes with one TAC and two 2 Face fins.

Revival 53" Revival 58"
Length 134.6cm / 53" 147.3cm / 58"
Width 52.2cm / 20.55" 53.3cm / 21"
Volume 15.95 Liters 17.8 Liters
Fins 2 - 2 Face 2.7" 2 - 2 Face 3.6"
Fins 1 - TAC 1.3" 1 - TAC 1.3"