O'Brien Makai Wakesurf Board

by O'Brien

Spin to Win

The all-new Makai features a forward-biased template combined with a wider swallow tail than you'd typically find on a skim shape. This delivers the board tons of forward drive, giving the rider the confidence to throw their biggest tricks or just dial in the basics. The Makai's unique template also turns the board into a spinning machine, making it the ultimate board for perfecting 360s and more.


  • Skim Style
  • Compression Molded
  • TPU Skinned Deck and Base
  • Swallow Tail
  • Machined EVA Pad
  • 3 Removable Delta Fins

    Compression Molded

    High density EPS core wrapped in fiberglass and compressed in a mold to increase durability and create a thin profile board with sharp rails that easily slices through the wave.

    Swallow Tail

    This wider-than-most tail shape delivers plenty of speed while maintaining traction on the wave.

    Full Machined EVA Pad

    Superior grip that covers a majority of the deck so you can confidently place your feet anywhere; features an elevated arch bar and angled kick tail for precision control.

    3 Removable Fins

    The tri-fin setup allows riders of all abilities to customize the board's performance to meet their needs