O'Brien Envoy Wakesurf Board | 2023 | Pre-Order

by O'Brien

Built to Fly

If you are an aggressive surfer who loves ripping the face out of the wave and taking to the sky, have we got a board for you. The Envoy is a proper "pro-style" board that features a narrower midsection and more parallel rails to generate down-the-line speed and powerful carves. These features pair perfectly with the board's wide diamond tail for boosting massive airs and more technical maneuvers. So for the ultimate in high-performance surf style design, the Envoy delivers it all and more.


  • Surf Style
  • Compression Molded
  • Wide Diamond Tail
  • Split EVA Pad
  • 3 FCS Compatible Fin Boxes

Compression Molded

Buoyant EPS core wrapped in fiberglass and compressed in a mold to increase durability and consistently create perfectly shaped rails for the ultimate surf-style performance.

Wide Diamond Tail

Delivers tons of forward drive and lift for blasting airs off the wave, while still taking advantage of the pivotal truning capabilities of the diamond tail.

Split EVA Pad

These super grippy pads feature elevated arch bars and an angled kicktail for precision control.

3 FCS Compatible Fin Boxes

Customize your fin setup to meet your performance needs; comes with one TAC and two 2 Face fins.