Moeller Fuel Tank Replacement Cap Only 305994-10 | 24

by Moeller

Moeller Fuel Tank Replacement Cap Only #114-30599410

  • 2-stage fuel cap is required on all portable fuel tanks. A portable fuel tank is now designated as 12 gallon fuel capacity and less.
  • Audible "Click" signals cap is sealed on the neck fill
  • Tether secures cap to fuel tank while refueling
  • Auto "Self-Venting" pressure feature vents tank at 5 PSI when center pup-up vent is in open position
  • Manual momentary pressure relief valve relieves tank pressure prior to cap removal for refueling or connecting/disconnecting fuel line assembly
  • Positive vent closure for storage and transportation, designed to override of the automatic self-venting and manual momentary relief function