Mission Reef Lounge 82 Inflatable Water Mat


Swim in, swim out and enjoy easy loungin’ for hours with the built-in back bolsters. Take those campfire chats out onto the water and under the sun. Now, the only question is who will you invite?


  • REEF HEX 82 inflatable mat
  • High-capacity manual pump (dual-action)
  • Storage bag
  • Repair kit (just in case)


Inflated Dimensions:

11.5-ft x 11.5-ft x 6” thick

Weight: ~68 lbs.

Storage Bag Dimensions:

Storage bag: 30" x 20" X 14”

This one’s for the socialites.

The summer’s best convos are happening right here. It’s the perfect shape, has integrated bolsters to lean or sit on, and it all packs into a bag. Does it sound like it was made for you and your gang?

Packs down.

Your inflatable mat folds up and packs down, easily storing in most boat lockers. The included vented storage bag helps protect the mat during transport or when it’s not in use.

Extra durable material.

Our construction is the best. Period. Durable and flexible vinyl, fused with tough 1000D nylon (think naval applications) is bound together through a drop-stitch core. Each seam is then double reinforced with our orange glow.

High-flow pump included.

The double-action hand pump works twice as hard to provide a high flow of air volume that helps inflate your REEF quickly.

Built-in tie off.

Integrated handles and a built-in D-ring make carrying or tethering your mat to any boat, dock, or anchor simple.

*REEF is NOT designed for towing*