Minn Kota Troll Motor Prop Weedless Wedge 4" #MKP-8 #2331120 1865007


    Minn Kota Troll Motor Prop Weedless Wedge 4" #MKP-8 #2331120 #27-1865007

    • Fits 4'' diameter Minn Kota Trolling Motor. WEEDLESS WEDGE:The patented Weedless Wedge is the only 100% weedless prop in the history of fishing. And it delivers full power so there's no need to carry an extra prop and a wrench. The design behind the Weedless Wedge is both simple and brilliant. The leading edge on each propeller blade is shaped with a swept-back edge that always meets at an angle of less than 45 degrees. That 'wedges' weeds away from the hub even at slow fishing speeds. Even through a jungle.
    • Prop, Trolling Motor, Weedless Wedge MKP-8 PROP NO.: #2331120 MOTOR DIA.: 4" PROP NUT KIT: "B" APPLICABLE MOTOR MODELS: 595W, 595M, 599W, 599M, 795M, 795MX, 799M, 799MX, 3HPS/SBM, RT 3.1/B, RT 4.3/B, 3.1HP/B, 4.3HP/B, 95W, 95M, 99W, 99M, 3HP, 3HPS/STM, 395W, 395M, 399W, 399M, RT55/S, RT70/S, RT74/S, 55EX, 70EX, RT55/B, RT70/B, RT74/B, 55AT/H, 70AT/H, 70T/H, 4HP, RT 3.1/S, RT 4.3/S, 3.1HP/S, 4.3HP/S, 64AP, MAXXUM 74, MAXXUM 74/H, MAXXUM 55T, MAXXUM 55BT, MAXXUM 74T, MAXXUM 74BT, 64PD, 62PD/AP, VANTAGE 74, GENESIS 74, GENESIS 74/AP Mag Series: 36W, 36M, 40W, 40M, 736MX, 740MX, 36MTM, 36WRM, 36MRM, 40WRM, 40MRM, 40MRW