Liquid Force Remedy Wakeboard w/ Aero 6X Boots Package

by Liquid Force
Boot Size

If peak performance behind the boat is where you're at, look no further than the Remedy w/ AERO 6X Package. Perfectly crafted and fine-tuned to meet the needs of LF Pro Athlete Harley Clifford, this combo can handle it all. Ready to...yup, you guessed it...pop higher and take you further flats, while giving you soft landings as you come down from the stratosphere. A competition-proven board shape, paired with state of the art bindings that are almost lighter than assured your riding will be firing on all cylinders every set.

About the Board:

Ever find yourself feeling like your riding is not quite where you want it to be? Left scratching your head or scouring internet web-forums for answers?  Let the doctor give it to you straight...Harley's board might just be the "Remedy" you've been searching for!

With an aggressive 3-Stage rocker for incredible pop off the wake and a triple concave hull flowing into the venture quad channels for extra speed, the Remedy will have you ripping like Harley in no time. The Remedy's quad fin set up strategically placed to maximize water flow through the tails will give you all the control and confidence you'll need during your next progression session.

About the Bindings:

Harley, being the demanding athlete he is, push his setup to the absolute limits! Whether he's sending jaw-dropping runs on the Pro Tour or launching himself off massive double-ups behind his boat...he requires a binding that strikes the perfect balance between mobility and unparalleled support.

Additionally, Harley made his desire to have the lightest bindings possible the focus behind his footwear. To meet the GOAT's expectations, we went above and beyond...utilizing laser-cut technology to eliminate any unnecessary weight. The result you ask?'re looking at them! The AERO 6X Bindings, coming in at an astonishingly low weight of just 4lbs.