Liquid Force Remedy Aero Wakeboard w/ Aero 6X Wakeboard Boot Package

by Liquid Force
Boot Size

Are you after the "best of the best", top-of-the-line, give me all the tech setup for dominating the wake behind your boat? Congratulations, you have found it. The Remedy AERO w/ AERO 6X Package has every bell and whistle our R&D Team was able to throw at! Perfectly crafted and fine-tuned to meet the needs of LF Pro Athlete Harley Clifford, this combo can handle it all. His competition-proven board shape in our ultra light AERO Core, paired with state of the art bindings that are almost lighter than assured your riding will be firing on all cylinders every set.

About the Board:

Featured in our super lightweight AERO core and weighing just 5.35lbs, there isn't anything quite like it out there!  The moment you pick it up, you know you're holding something special.

Harley charges harder than anyone out there and his board is built to compliment that style perfectly.  While you can still ride a Remedy conservatively, the moment you decide to give it some throttle as you carve into the wake - get ready for that pop!

With an aggressive 3 stage rocker, our lightest core, and a C4 carbon reinforced top and base for extra rigidity...this will be one of the best boards you've ever ridden.

About the Board:

Harley, being the demanding athlete he is, push his setup to the absolute limits! Whether he's sending jaw-dropping runs on the Pro Tour or launching himself off massive double-ups behind his boat...he requires a binding that strikes the perfect balance between mobility and unparalleled support.

Additionally, Harley made his desire to have the lightest bindings possible the focus behind his footwear. To meet the GOAT's expectations, we went above and beyond...utilizing laser-cut technology to eliminate any unnecessary weight. The result you ask?'re looking at them! The AERO 6X Bindings, coming in at an astonishingly low weight of just 4lbs.