Liquid Force ORB Foil Board W/Carbon Surf 155 Foil Set Package

by Liquid Force
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Our newest addition to the foil board quiver, the ORB, is designed for the foil-frother looking for the ultimate flying experience!

The ORB is the ultimate board for the ultimate foiler! Its smaller, rounder shape allows for quicker turns and easier maneuverability. The dished-out chine hull adds stability and float with minimal drag when getting up. The carbon Innegra construction adds strength and durability without compromising weight. Topped off with our most comfortable corduroy deck pad, The ORB will have you feeling as if you're one with the foil and the water below.

  • Carbon Innegra Construction
  • CNC'd EPS Foam with Stringer
  • Dished Chine Hull
  • Corduroy Deck Pad & Kick Stop
  • LF Exclusive Foil Track
  • Strap Inserts

    Dura-Surf Shell
    A CNC EPS Core with a wrapped outer shell that is meant to take a beating

    Stringer-less EPS Core
    Our most durable, lightweight construction

    Concave Deck
    Maximizes board control and feel

      Pair with the Carbon Horizon 155
      for Package Price!


      Carbon Innegra Lightweight Construction

      A blend of carbon and innegra to give a blanaced layup of strength and stiffness created through the carbon component and then adding the impact strength and resistance through the innegra component.

      Dished Chine Hull

      Long chine bottom that connects to a narrow running surface to give the board stability and float when getting up and lift off of the water with minimal effort.

      CNC EPS Foam Core

      Hand laminated lightweight eps core to promote the direct connection from body to foil.

      Corduroy Traction

      You stand on your foil for long periods of time, so you might as well be as comfortable as possible. The Corduroy EVA traction provides long lasting comfort, and gives that right amount of grip to help you maneuver your way back to the 3rd wave


        As one of our most highly anticipated mid-season releases, the Carbon Horizon Surf 155 Foil Set is our best “do it all” kit for intermediate to advanced levels of foiling to date.

        The new thinner profile of the front wing allows for more glide speed and the extended chord length helps with low-speed lift. Pair the 155 Front Wing with the H24 Tail Wing and the 28” carbon mast and you have a lightweight, hydrodynamic machine…superior hold through extended carves and advanced acceleration out of turns ensures that with this setup you truly can #FoilAnything!

        • Horizon 155 Front Wing - Surface Area 1500 cm² | 80 cm Wingspan
        • H24 Rear Stabilizer Wing - Surface Area 240 cm² | 37 cm Wingspan
        • 28" Carbon Mast
        • 44 cm Short Fuselage
        • Foil Shim Kit
        • Carrying Case

          Lightweight Carbon Mast

          Ultimate performance, lightweight, sleek, and durable

          High Lift Front Wing

          Ride the 2nd and 3rd wake with ease. Great for “hijacking” other wakes

          Heavier Riders/Smaller Waves

          Optimal for riders 180 lbs. and above and riding smaller wakes