Liquid Force M.E. Aero Wakeboard w/ Vida 6X Wakeboard Boots Package

by Liquid Force
Boot Size

Perched at the top of Women's Wakeboarding...Meagan requires a setup that has to be primed for the highest level of riding. The M.E. AERO w/ Vida 6X™ combo is a pro-level package, aimed on maximizing performance between the wakes. Take every set with full confidence, knowing that your gear is ready to charge the wake.  Meg's Vida 6X bindings allow for full range of motion, giving you the tools needed to express your style behind the boat.

About the Board:

Meagan is evolving our sport and pushing the LF engineers to improve her product. With the M.E. AERO weighing 5.35 pounds, our R&D team helped take her riding to the next level. Made from a lightweight AERO core with C4 carbon reinforced top and base...this is Meagan's lightest board yet. Progress your riding to levels unimaginable. Offered solely in a 134cm for 2024…Meg’s size of choice!

About The Bindings:

Meg consistently pushes boundaries, no matter whether she’s on her home turf of Clear Lake or charging at the park. That's why she wanted a high-performance binding that can handle anything she sets her sights on.

Meagan opted for a softer and more flexible Comfort Liner to maximize her range of motion without compromising on a solid landing for big tricks.  Allowing you the opportunity to challenge yourself and push your riding further.

Take a set on the Queen of Wake’s bindings and see why Meagan loves her Vida 6X™’s…you will too!