Seadog Kill Switch Universal w/Lanyard 420498-1 | 2024

by Seadog

    Seadog Boat Kill Switch #354-4204981

    • The marine emergency cut-off Universal Kill Switch attaches to your life vest while operating a boat or personal watercraft and is designed to instantly cut battery power when detached.
    • Dual circuitry allows kill switch to be wired for either ignition kill or magneto kill depending on the application.
    • The housing is constructed of weatherproof injection molded nylon and Delrin with 1/4" brass terminals.
    • The switch includes a lanyard approximately 15" when coiled and 48" when stretched, which should be replaced if worn, cut, or frayed.
    • Mounting hole is 5/8" in diameter.
    • Maximum panel thickness: 3/8".
    • Maximum 5A draw.
    • WARNING: Switch should be tested for proper function before each use.