Hyperlite UTE Utility Board | 2022


Sizes Available: 4.5, 5.0

Hyperlite's new utility wakesurfer is appropriately named the UTE. The UTE wakesurfer does it all as you can attach your preferred foil for foil boarding, add foot straps for more control while foiling or wakesurfing or simply ride as you would any other Hyperlite Durashell Surfer. Featuring our Reinforced DuraShell Constructions the UTE is super durable and will stand up to the rigors thrown its way. With max volume packed into each size the UTE is great for all surfers whether just beginning or honing in advanced skills. Shaped by Butch, the UTE was designed with true surfing in mind while also functioning as a foil board or strap surfer.

  • Layered Glass
    Our fiberglass is available in 3 weights depending on the board. Over time, traditional woven glass fibers will separate. With layered glass every Hyperlite deck will have the same pop off the double up year after year.
  • Reinforced DuraShell Construction
  • EPS Core
  • Adjustable Foot Strap Interface
  • Foil Track Mounting System
  • Single Concave Base Contour
  • Machined EVA Traction
  • LAP Construction
  • New for 2021
4'5" UTE
5'0" UTE
Total Volume
23.5 Liters
27.8 Liters
Tip & Tail Width
Squash Tail
Squash Tail
Center Width
Rocker Style Height
3.2" Tip & 1.0" Tail
3.3" Tip & 1.1" Tail
Fin Qty
2" Drop (2) 3.5" Flux (2)
2" Drop (2) 3.5" Flux (2)
Weight Range
up to 190 lbs.
up to 275 lbs.