Straightline Hydratak Surf Rope 10" | 2020


    Straight Line Hydratak Knotted Surf Rope (2018) The Straight Line Hydra-Tak Wakesurf Rope offers the comfort and durability to maximize your performance on the water. This wakesurf rope offers a 10 inch Hydra-Tak Handle which is extra wide and comfortable making it easy to grip on securely when taking off. The Foam Grips floats to make it easy to grasp onto and find when prepping for launch. The T6-6061 Aluminum Bar is light, strong and won't cause your arm to fatigue fast. The Polypro Main Line is also durable and fade resistant so that you always ride with reliability when you have the Straight Line Hydra-Tak Wakesurf Rope attached to the boat.