HO Sports Hot Shot Trainers

by HO Sports
$179.99 $190.00
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Sizes Available: For Children Up to 60lbs (27kgs)

The Hot Shot Trainers are THE perfect skis for our aspiring waterski pro! With a package that includes a trainer bar and tail connection, your junior skier will have the most stable platform for learning to ski. In addition, the Hot Shot Trainers include a parent hand held rope system allowing the parent in the boat to control their little skier’s ride. Adjustable horseshoe bindings fit a wide range of kid’s feet sizes and bright graphics keep little skiers visible in the water. The perfect toy to teach the future generation of water sport enthusiasts.

  • Includes Trainer Bar and tail connection
    Keeps the skis together at the correct distance
  • Includes Parent Handheld Rope System
    Dual handles allow for parent powered pulling on shore and shallow water. When pulled behind boat, parent holds 2nd handle to control for smooth safe falls. Connects to trainer bar to keep the pull going to the skis, not the child. Modify for child height by adjusting rope loops.
  • Adjustable Horseshoe Bindings
    to fit a wide range kid feet
  • Bright fun graphics
    to keep little skiers visible
  • Free Learn2waterski" instructional video link included"
    Free Learn2waterski" instructional video link included to get the entire family excited and confident. HOsports.com/Learn2waterski"