HO Freeride Evo W/DBL FreeMax Waterski (2017)-67 inch-Double FreeMax-10-15

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    HO Freeride Evo W/DBL FreeMax Waterski (2017) Freeride: Waterskiing's Renaissance Ski Sizes: 65", 67",69" and 71" -An ultra-bendy ski makes for smooth effortless turns that give the feel that the edge is actually gripping the water. This is due to the combination of flex and rocker that allows the EVO to continually conform to the water surface. Regardless of the speed and angle of the water(where the water is contacting the ski) or where the skier is standing on the tip or tail, the EVO is able to compress and give the needed stability and control the skier needs. With the right ski and hardy sense of adventure, water skiing's future can be wide open again. It is with this intention that EVO was created: A water ski to introduce new participants to a sense of adventure and the experience of skiing on water; A water ski to break tournament skiers out of our routines, to reintroduce us to participating with the public and discover a new way to fall in love with skiing again; A water ski to ignite the Adventure Skiing Movement and define the EVOlution of water skiing. FreeMax Boot: -The perfect, no nonsense, slip them on and enjoy the ride, water ski boots are back! The freeMAX is updated with a static lace in the lower lace zone, a footbed anchoring system and new lace management, so you can save your strength for carving up the lake.

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