Hawkeye FishTrax 1 Portable Fish Finder w/VirtuView ICON FT-1-P

by Hawkeye Electronics

    Hawkeye FishTrax 1 Portable Fish Finder #835-FT1P

    • With VirtuView ICON Display
    • FishTrax™ 1 handheld fish finder is packed full of features that will help you take your fishing to the next level. VariableZone™ Water Temperature gives you instant water temperature readings and the Fish Depth Scale allowing lets you know exactly how far down the fish is. The VirtuView™ display on your Fish Finder depicts bottom structure with a series of rock indicators.
    • The FishTrax™ Intelligent Sonar detects depth, locates fish, and defines bottom contour, composition and structure. Simply toss the sonar sensor in the water (or place it inside the hull of your boat) and power the display on.
    • Includes: FishTrax™ 1 ICON Display and Airmar® Floatable, Trollable, Boat Mountable Transducer.