Seadog Junction Block 10 Gang Terminal 426671-1 | 2024

by Seadog

    Seadog Junction Block #354-4266711

    • 10 Gang Terminal
    • Size: 5-3/4".
    • Electrical Buss Bars provide a convenient way to connect electrical wires, prevent shorts, eliminate splicing, tidy up wire harnesses, and conserve panel space.
    • Non-fused, these distribution blocks are used primarily for routing and connecting power or ground circuits.
    • Molded Bakelite and stamped brass construction.
    • Designed for use with tinned copper marine wire which shares the same expansion rate to prevent loosening wires and reducing electrolytic corrosion caused by pairing two disparate metals.
    • Installs with two #10 FH fasteners (not included)