Fliteboard Flow S Range Front Wings

by Fliteboard

Fliteboard wings are designed specifically for electric hydro-foiling by expert hydrodynamicists. Strong and interchangeable, wings let you customize your ride.

— Medium aspect
— Extreme roll rate
— Great for waves
— Safer wing tips

The Flow S range is the lower aspect version of the Flow range, with increased roll rate for a crazy loose ride but with safer wing tips (at the expense of glide).

Flow S 900

A wild wing that is the loosest of them all. For the most responsive ride possible at medium to fast speeds.

Flow S 1100

A super snappy eFoil wing that allows slow speed Fliteboarding, and provides the ability to push hard.

Flow S 1300

This eFoil wing lets you catch waves, ride slow and throw your Fliteboard around in wild turns. Works well with Flite Jet for riding swell.