Fliteboard Flow Range Front Wings

by Fliteboard

Fliteboard wings are designed specifically for electric hydro-foiling by expert hydrodynamicists. Strong and interchangeable, wings let you customize your ride.

— High aspect
— Loose & responsive
— High glide
— Great for waves

These high aspect eFoil wings are loose and maneuverable. Ride waves, or ride rivers like a wave.

Flow 900

Fastest surf eFoil wing for bigger waves and high speeds. Carve hard in flat water with a loose and responsive feel.

Flow 1100

The most versatile Flow wing. Large enough for wave glides and high turns at slow speeds. Small enough to push fast.

Flow 1300

The ultimate eFoil wing for power-off wave gliding with our True Glide prop. Flow 1300 takes off early and just glides. Despite its large 1 meter span size, it's agile and responsive.